Original Cool Vest – Tan Khaki with Comfort Pack

Durability meets satisfaction in the form of the Original Cool Vest - Tan Khaki. Designed for those looking for a little more relief in their day, this versatile cooling vest is made from polycotton and includes one GlacierPack Comfort set. The innovation behind your cooling comfort, this cooling pack is made with a high-tech, full barrier film that is hermetically sealed, allowing for easy cleaning and sterilization.

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Original Cool Vest – Tan Khaki with Comfort Pack
tan khaki

To find the comfort you need, simply put on an Original Cool Vest – Tan Khaki. Featuring a heavy duty front zipper, side elastic straps and over-the-shoulder adjustability, this versatile cooling vest is designed to fit a wide range of body sizes. When you’re finished, take out the packs and hand wash the vest with cold water and line dry.

  • Color: tan
  • Includes one GlacierPack Comfort set
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds with GlacierPacks
  • Dry and clean, not soggy and soaking wet like evaporative products
  • Maintains a dry, comfortable 59°F / 15°C for up to 2.5 hours in 100°F / 38°C
  • Self-contained, portable and unpowered – no cumbersome hoses, tubes or tethers
  • Made in the USA

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  • 5
    Original Cool Vest

    Posted by Joe W on 30th Jun 2017

    So far I have used the 4 times and it has performed well. Twice while mowing the grass and twice while riding my motorcycle. There was a reduction in drinking water consumption when mowing the lawn. And less fatigue after a 2 hour bike ride.

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    Keep Your Cool with Glacier Tek

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2016

    The Glacier Tek vests purchased have been lifesavers this summer for both our material handlers and our warehouse personnel. With record heat indices recorded in July the vests were worth their weight in gold.

  • 5
    Subtle but effective

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2016

    I have used this vest on motorcycle rides in 100 degree days with great results. It seems to last for 2 and a half hours at those temperatures. It has a quick recharge time in ice water and when stopping for gas and fluids I can get a reasonable recharge done. First time using this vest I was not sure if it was in fact working. It did not have the cold shock feeling like when one first puts on a iced evaporative vest. After a couple hours ride I noticed I was not beat by the heat as I would have been in previous rides without the vest. I think the safety factor of riding in the heat really is a plus with this vest. Getting older I don't seem to handle the heat quite as well as I could when younger. I do wear All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT) which insulates the vest and may be one of reasons why the vest lasts the full time. Even though legs and arms are warm, my torso is comfortable and I can ride without heat taking a toil on my riding judgement/alertness. It is a bit bulky, but that is a small price to pay for comfort and rider safety. Through my error I did manage to damage one of the phase change units. I found out the service from Glacier Tec is outstanding. They got back to me within 24 hours with a great solution. FWIW I average 20,000 miles a year (some of it Iron Butt rides) not counting teaching rider ed classes. Wish I had gotten one years earlier.

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    Very effective, great technology

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2016

    Purchased "Original Cool Vest" to wear under an unbearably warm SFI-20 racing fire-suit. Makes all the difference in the world! Stays cold for a long time and regenerates quickly in the ice chest. Amazing product!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2016

    I loaned it to a fellow employee who was working in a hot summer Florida attic. He liked it so well he won't give it back! LOL

  • 4
    Great vest

    Posted by Collin on 4th Jul 2016

    I love this vest. It seems like it may be fragile, so I am super gentle with it. It was $200, which for any person who works in the sun is likely a lot of money, so I am paranoid as hell with this thing. I think it has helped me not have a heat stroke a few times already.

  • 5
    Finest warm weather riding gear

    Posted by Redlinejohn68 on 16th Jul 2015

    I have been riding on and off road for 35 years and the Cool Vest performs superbly, exactly as advertised!

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    Great for both high and low temperatures

    Posted by Craig Spruill on 28th Aug 2014

    I have had my vest for about a week and so far I love it. I stay far cooler on hot days with the vest on. One day I had to ride over to the coast where it's much cooler and the vest actually kept me warmer because the air temp (with wind chill) was well below 59 degrees. Definitely a versatile product! My only problem is that the vest is a little short even when extended (I usually wear tall sizes). Are there extenders or something? In any case, great product and I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Enables me to work in my garage in the Florida heat

    Posted by Gene on 21st Aug 2014

    Fans, wet shirts, and small A/C units just weren't cutting it for me, so I tried this. I use it to work on my motorcycles and it doesn't drip water, and it doesn't get in the way.

    It's not uncomfortably cold either, it's like leaning against a cool metal water tank for a couple hours.

    It folds up with the cool packs inside and fits perfectly in my freezer door.

    Now that I have it, I use it mowing the yard, and it takes a lot of the "chore" out of it. I'm not sweaty and completely exhausted afterwards.